Month ONE for our STEM based Teachin’ TrunksThese are our exciting 12 trunks on Electronics, Programming and Robotics.

This is the big value box with the computer and breadboard.

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This is month ONE for our  Teachin’ Trunks! that uses the subjects Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. These are our exciting 12 trunks on Electronics, Programming and Robotics. Suitable for ages 8 to 108 – a century of fun!

This box is high value with a breadboard and computer 9Arduino Uno) that all following projects use. If you want to stop after this, or at any point during the monthly subscription no problem!

Whats in our trunks :

  • A CD with full instructions on the theory and how to build this months project
    • includes an on-line fun test to check your understanding
    • meet our STEM characters and also our superhero character ‘Flash-Eprom
  • The electronic components, leads and other stuff to make the monthly projects
  • In month number one you will be programming five projects, such as building traffic lights, do you know the sequence?
    • Other projects to work on until you receive the next months Teachin’ Trunk!

As you progress through the months you will be building projects such as a robot that you can program to either  control with an InfraRed controller or it can detect obstacles and steer itself!

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