Robot Combat!


Anyone can compete in ROBOT COMBAT! These events are held regionally, or you can book us.

Scroll further down this page for more information on the  types of robots we have.

There are various activities for all the groups, with the ant-weight robot battles being most popular! More information below……

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The types of Robots

There are different classes of robots:

– Our very own Battle Tanks that are available in our on-line shop. Arduino controlled and great fun.

– Intelligent Arduino programmable Robots built in our Level 2 Sessions on electronics, programming & robotics

Ant-weight combat robots, these are used for combats in our safe arena

Middle weight combat robots : upto 12kg

Scroll down for more information on all the different classes and types.

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Robot : Arduino Programmable Intelligent Robot

These are built during the sessions for Level 2 sessions on Electronics, Programming and Robotics.

These have been built so they can be further developed with additional sensors and electronics. The programming includes remote control, obstacle avoidance and line following.

There will be Arduino based robots with various programming available at our Open Sessions for you to play with.

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Robot : Battle-Tanks build & play robot

These are STEM robot kits you can purchase from our on-line shop to build at home or at school. These are great fun and easy to build, and we provide rules for playing the Battle-Tank games.

There are various upgrades available such as infra-red remote control and mobile units.

There will be Battle Tanks available at our Open Sessions for you to play with.

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Robot : ant-weight combat robot

These are so much fun to combat with in our safe combat arena, just like on Robot Wars (just not as big!) You can build a robot with us on our ant-weight sessions or build your own.

We will be holding numerous regional combat events

The ant-weight rules are available here.

We will have some ant-weight combat robots for sale soon in our on-line shop.

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Robot : middle-weight combat robot

These robots can weigh upto 12kg and are designed for fighting in the arena!

Sessions are being designed for the build of these, watch this space!

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Safe and educational environment

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Success orientation for each student

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Getting kids engaged

Our mission is to provide all the children with an opportunity to appreciate and have a hands-on experience with all the aspects of engineering.


Inspiring the next generations big ideas!

Join the education revolution to engineer and build tomorrow today!


Fun hands-on engineering

The children will have the opportunity to understand engineering and whether its for them!