Early Engineering Club

Anyone can join the Early Engineering Club, where we keep you engaged with STEM information. Join the Early Engineering Club here in our on-line shop. Some of the benefits include:

– Receive a regular newsletter

– Enter Early Entrepreneur

– Half-price entry to Open Days and Robot Combat Sessions

– A voucher for discounts for electronics, robots and more in our on-line shop

– Receive an Early Engineering T-shirt

– Receive an exclusive pin-badge

– Receive a USB data stick with lots of fun content

– Receive a diary and laser engraved pencil

Join here.

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Early Entrepreneur

Only members of the Early Engineer Club can participate in Early Entrepreneur.

We are sure you have seen or at least heard of Dragons Den, well this is an opportunity for kids to experience something similar. This is your opportunity to take your idea from your in your head to the market! Present your conceptual idea to our panel  and we will help determine if it is commercially and technically viable.

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The Early Engineering Club Newsletter


We send out regular newsletters to Club members, with topic such as STEM projects, puzzles, crosswords, technology news, event updates, competitions and lots more!

It’s your newsletter and we love receiving your contributions : photos, letters and updates. Have you built your robot? Modifications? Chased the cat? Send your info to news@early.engineering

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Safe and educational environment

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Success orientation for each student

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Work team

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Getting kids engaged

Our mission is to provide all the children with an opportunity to appreciate and have a hands-on experience with all the aspects of engineering.


Inspiring the next generations big ideas!

Join the education revolution to engineer and build tomorrow today!


Fun hands-on engineering

The children will have the opportunity to understand engineering and whether its for them!