Robot Combat at your event

Early Engineering have two exciting options for events such as Birthday parties, with both lasting 90minutes.

The first and most popular involves an arena and ant-weight robots that can weight up to 150g. The kids can enjoy taking control of the robots and compete to see who is the best robot driver in the arena! We will make teams and run a league for the kids. We need a table in your venue where we can set up the safe battle-arena for the robots, which has a footprint of 4ft by 4ft.

The second type of party is more about engineering: a robot building party rather than just driving and playing! We  build intelligent programmable Arduino based robots. Depending on numbers, we work in teams or solo. The first hour is spent designing and building the robots it is time for the challenges!

The cost is £250 if within 30miles of one of our bases. We need an hour either side for set-up and pack away.

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